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Delivering sustainable, year-round aid through our education programmes.

Every child deserves the opportunity to receive quality education. The ability to read and write will lay a foundation for a future without poverty or hunger. Education equips children with fundamental knowledge and skills to better provide for themselves and empowers the community to improve health and prevent diseases like HIV.




The Light-A-Dream Scholarship (LADS) is a long standing initiative that invests in the education of a group of selected students with the hope that these individuals will someday contribute back to the community and its betterment. Each year, approximately 8-10 scholars ranging from Grades 7 through 12 and even up to university, are carefully selected by the sisters of the MSSHJ based on their personal and financial needs, and are financially supported via the scholarship. 


Besides helping to fund the education of these scholars, Project Battambang also seeks to equip them with important life skills and values that will be beneficial for their future, by conducting bi-annual LADS Camps which aims to empower the scholars through character development while instilling a sense of ownership towards their community.


Our 2018 main trip marked the implementation of the School Support Programme (SSP) to channel funds towards improving the school’s environment directly, provide a more conducive

environment for education to take place.  


We have since selected Santipheap Primary School as the first beneficiary of our SSP. Project Battambang has agreed to fund the construction of a well and toilets within the school, and the school has since begun construction works and will continue to support the school for the next 3 years. As for long-term objectives, we hope to work with the teachers to implement a health education curriculum focusing on three aspects of health – physical, emotional and psychological health.

eduCATION day

As a relatively new initiative which started in 2017, Health Education Day has expanded rapidly since its conception. In 2018, we visited a total of 3 schools with the purpose of improving health awareness and habits through health education. In order to customise our lessons to suit the needs of our target audience, different topics were chosen for both teachers and students to cater to their differing needs. Teachers were educated on environmental hazards in schools and ways to prevent injury, while students learned about wound care and basic common illnesses such as coughs and fevers. 

In the future, Project Battambang hopes to integrate village education to be a part of our upcoming trips in the future.

post screening education

Post Screening Education has been a key part of our screenings since Project Battambang’s inception. This programme aims to inculcate education as part of our screenings, by ensuring that people are properly educated on the ways to improve their health and fitness. This year, the themes we chose were “Musculoskeletal Problems” as well as “Gastrointestinal Problems”. reimplement our previous method of using posters and slides, with our Cambodian volunteers using these materials to conduct lessons, instead of video lessons which we had chosen to do the year before. 


We are working to implement topics such as diabetes and hypertension, as well as first aid skills in the future. 

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