Health Screening

Our Commitment to Healthcare

With the high costs of healthcare and lack of access to healthcare providers in Poipet, many villagers are not able to obtain treatment for even the most basic ailments such as coughs and the common cold. Project Battambang seeks to bring healthcare to people through mass village screenings and door-to-door screenings.


During our main trip this year, we conducted mass health clinics across three different locations - Tum Nub Kor Pram, Ou’ressey Le, Mother Of Peace Kindergarten – over the span of 5 days, screening a total of 740 villagers. 

Our multidisciplinary team addressed a variety of health problems presented by the villagers, ranging from the common cold to thyroid related pathologies, tuberculosis, suspected cases of HIV and chronic conditions such as hypertension and diabetes. For most acute cases, our doctors were able to deliver treatment and prescribe medication from our pharmacy. Teaching sessions were also conducted on the preparation days prior to the commencement of our clinics to further enhance the volunteers’ clinical skills.

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In our attempts to reconnect the villagers back to their healthcare system such that they would be better equipped to manage chronic conditions, villagers diagnosed with conditions such as chronic hypertension were referred to the Poipet Referral Hospital, where they were registered and added into the system for future follow-up consultations and receive subsidised medication.


Villagers presenting more complex problems were also referred to either the Poipet Referral Hospital, Mongkul Borei Hospital and the Angkor Hospital for Children, with more complete facilities to address the issues presented. 


Project Battambang successfully referred 53 villagers to receive the medical attention they required. These referrals included procedures such as cataract removal surgery , correction of astigmatism and pterygium as well as referrals for suspected cervical cancer patients. 


In 2018, Project Battambang implemented referrals for myopia. We have found a qualified optician in Poipet to assess our patients diagnosed with refractive errors before prescribing appropriate spectacles to correct these errors accordingly. A total of 13 patients have benefited from this new service during our 2018 trip. In our subsequent trip in 2019, we further strengthened our partnership with the optical shop we previously partnered  to obtain a discounted price for all future referrals for prescription glasses. 

We have also partnered with Seva Cambodia to provide pterygium and cataract surgeries to our patients for free. 


For our main trip in 2018, our team was followed by a small group of Cambodian dental students, who are limited to simple dental procedures conducted for children who need it. We are in the process of providing referrals to Ly Heng Dental Clinic and My Smile Dental Clinic for procedures like root canals and dental fillings at prices below 10 USD. This also allows us to expand our reach beyond paediatric patients to better serve the adult community and address their dental needs.



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