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Dr Ong is a Palliative Care Physician by profession and previously the Medical Director of the Singapore Cancer Society. Keen in serving overseas communities, he firmly believes that there are many aspects beyond medical aid that each of us can contribute to help these communities. Dr Ong has been Project Battambang's Project Mentor since its inception in 2010.  


Shant Sin (Left), Wymann Tang (Right) from the Singaporean Committee.




From left to right: Yuxing, Wesley, Wymann from the Singaporean Committee.


Screening Committee anchors the operational aspect of our mass health screenings and hospital referral programme


From left to right: Alicia, Avelyn, Elliott from the Singaporean Committee.


Our education team aims to deliver sustainable, year-round aid through numerous health education programmes


Shaun (Left), Shiyu (Right) from the Singaporean Committee.

Our survey team works primarily on ground, gathering information alongside screenings to determine the health seeking behaviour and needs of the villagers we serve. They also work closely with local partners and NGOs. 


2nd from right, first row - Rachel, 2nd from left, second row - Shant from the Singaporean Committee.


 The Logistics Committee’s work revolves around the management and booking of facilities, transport, and most importantly, the operation of the pharmacy.


Natalie (Left), Alys (Right) from the Singaporean Committee.


Responsible for fundraising, publicity and this amazing site you’re surfing!  

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